Eye to Eye

I love the old expressions, the expressions that are commonly thought worn out. When I examine them they freshen up.

I have one eye currently that sees one type of sights and another that sees more or less conventionally. One eye sees sharp and clear, the other eyes sees like a Van Gogh painting. Between the two there is often a disagreement that hurts my head. Even the division is not clear between them. It is not a straight line up and down, one side this, one side that, but a wavy line on a sloping angle. 

When I was younger people used to say Van Gogh and other similar painters painted as they saw the world. I thought that was impossible. If they saw the world as they painted how could they paint the picture they did, I would say? All they would have to do is paint an ordinary painting, and when they looked at it, it would look the same as one of their celebrated paintings. They had to have alternate perspectives. 

I suspected visions, drugs and other intoxicants, maybe even intermittent craziness recreated in more lucid moments. And that was likely the case much of the time. But I now realize it was also possible they had one good eye and one distorting eye. For a different perception all they would have to do is switch back and forth between the eyes. And if one eye was regularly changing, as mine is, then they would perpetually have different visions.


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