Eye to Eye Another Day

Today my eyes are much more reconciled. For days or it seemed like weeks, they were warring over dominance. What should have only been perceived with one eye was a merge of both. To see clearly I had to close one eye. With both eyes open there was a mutual blur contaminating everything. And a grid of dark black lines superimposed that looked like the grid of a mosaic, circular, angular, not vertical and horizontal.

The last day or two my eyes have begun working together. It is not perfect but it is greatly improving.

If I can have two eyes that do not agree, how or why do we expect any two different persons eyes to agree?

It is a matter of both perspective and processing. Although the expresson, “a matter of perspective” has become a cliche, it is still valid, and I do not think we usually take into account the importance of processing. Even the need for glasses make a difference. But we do not take this into account either.

Yet whether taken into account or not the differences of perspective, the need for glasses and the deviations of inner processing are all going to change each person’s understanding, point of view, perception and understanding of the world.

How can different people from different changing vantage points to ever agree?

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